This archive contains footage that has been gathered over the past 35 years. Much of the footage has been filmed on VHS, Super 8 and mini DVs. It can be a source for those who wish to gather information or research on the work that has been undertaken by the various organisations such as TU/TV and the Institute of Local Television.

The footage in this archive is mixed. From demonstrations such as the Edinburgh Latin American Solidarity Committee demonstration and the protests against Trident and NATO covered by Red Star cinema, to more recent footage such as Heart Fine Art’s permanent exhibition, Phenotype Genotype (PhG), and the 2012’s Festival of Politics covered by Summerhall TV.

It is hoped that this archive will be a great resource for those who wish to delve into the history of local broadcasting. The films and videos are a prime example of local coverage of events that can often be overlooked by larger broadcasting organisations.